OH NO!! Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Suffered Suspected Poisoning

OH NO!! Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Suffered Suspected Poisoning

According to sources close to Roman Abramovich, he experienced symptoms of suspected poisoning while attending peace talks on the Ukraine-Belarus border earlier this month.
The Chelsea FC owner reportedly suffered from stinging eyes and peeling skin, but has since recovered.

According to reports, two Ukrainian peace negotiators were also harmed.

According to one story, the alleged poisoning was planned by Russian hardliners who intended to derail the discussions.

Shortly after the charges surfaced, Reuters quoted an unidentified US official as saying that intelligence indicated the men’s illnesses were caused by “environmental” reasons rather than poisoning.

Later, Ihor Zhovkva, a spokesman for Ukraine’s president, told the BBC that while he hadn’t spoken to Mr Abramovich, members of the Ukrainian delegation were “fine” and one had stated the news was “fake.”

However, as BBC security journalist Frank Gardner points out, it’s not surprising that the US would seek to downplay claims that anyone – particularly Russia – used a chemical weapon in Ukraine, as this may lead to retaliatory action that the US is hesitant to do.

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